Since My Own Worst Enemy is all about exploring duality, it’s no surprise that we have an episode chock full of double-crosses, double backs, and two-faced behavior. I’m just glad they’re moving at a fast clip.

Spoilers…skip to Assorted Bits & Pieces down below for just my thoughts and observations…

After learning what happened to Doctor Raif Castle, Henry leaves an angry message for Edward saying he went to Raif to help with whatever’s happening with their chip. Edward responds via message that Henry signed his death warrant the moment he want to him. Like a dumbass, Henry tells Saffron Burrows the therapist that he thinks he knows who killed Raif but can’t tell the police because that would "destroy his life." Henry really needs to learn to keep his mouth shut. It’s getting rick-diculous.

While walking the dog and taking out the trash, a Fed approaches Henry on the down-low and tells him to memorize his number in case he wants to help take down "his employer." Henry has to take his daughter Ruthie dress shopping, unfortunately Edward pops up in the middle of things. Henry leaves a quick video message telling him about the shopping and eats the phone number before switching over.

The big secret agent business this week involves a guy named Gael Ramirez is selling a next-gen nuke called "The Cossack" and Mavis assigns Edward to talk to Garcia, his second in command. Which he’s going to do on the way to the mall with Ruthie. Bad idea. Oh, and Lance Diedrich (a Department of Defense smarty) has gone missing and Raymond is being sent after him instead of to Mexico to back up Edward/Henry.

Henry pops in right as Edward is about to jump from an airplane. Mavis communicates with Henry until the earpiece gets taken at Ramirez’s compound. While in Gael’s company, Henry gets drunk and blathers, giving advice about what daughters want and whatnot. Gael says he’s warmed to "Edward" now that he’s not so uptight. In turn, "Edward" warns him about the MI-5 sting in Bogata and gives him this super-fancy watch – only 15 of which exist. Turns out Gael is holding "Edward" there for a $10 million bounty.

Edward wakes up the next morning and watches Henry’s drunken video, telling him he’s secured the schematics. Back to being fairly rude, he demands the schematics and Gael says he liked him better before. Getting dropped off in a crowded town’s square, Edward waits…and notices the flash from a sniper rifle in a nearby tower while Mavis, Tony the Tech and Trumbull the Upper Level Boss discover that Gael is receiving the bounty payment that Uzi (the Russian killed in the first episode) put on Ed’s head.

Using a passing bus as a cover, Edward makes his way out of the town’s square. Mavis calls to warn him and he lets her know he’s already on the move as the guy in the tower and several other men look for Edward. He puts down one guy and takes his gun. Moving through the crowd, shots are fired and another one gets killed. Ducking into a marketplace, Edward makes a mini-bomb out of cleaning products and tin foil and makes it to an alley where Gael picks him up. Since "Edward’s" tip on Bogata checked out, as well as the stellar advice about listening to his daughter will save him a fortune, Gael gives Edward the schematics on the house. Plus he got that $10 mil from Uzi’s people so it’s a win/win. But Edward wants his watch back too.

Meanwhile, Tom’s wife Mary went to Portland to surprise him with a romantic night. It’s a shame Tom was really off in Vancouver being Raymond and putting tracking devices on Diedrich’s internet girlfriend. Waiting for him all night, Mary was none too pleased sitting there in her new lingerie. Tony the Tech loads up Tom’s cover (the meeting was moved to Seattle at the last minute) and fudges her cell records so that Mary has a bunch of messages from him updating the situation. They schedule a make-up date but the internet girlfriend turns out to be a former Ministry agent who faked her death four years ago. She’s flying to Beijing and Raymond must head her off. Canceling the date makes Mary go hire a private investigator, which will not end well. Oh yeah, and Raymond gets captured.

Back at the house, Edward video messages Henry that he got him a gift to acknowledge that he didn’t totally mess up the operation by getting them a cool new fridge. Too bad Henry finds out from Ruthie that Edward took her on that meeting with Gael’s number two. So what does he do? He calls the FBI Agent Guy. Except he’s not really a Fed. He works for Janus and if, when they meet at the train yard Henry mentions Janus, it will verify that Edward is on the fritz and he’ll get taken out.

At the rendezvous, Henry spills the beans under the promise of his family being safe and is about to be killed when a shot rings out and Fake Fed falls to the ground, dead. A woman’s pantsuit steps out of the fog and darkness…it’s Saffron Burrows the Psychiatrist! Ha!! I knew it! End with Henry getting his figurative mind blown.

Assorted Bits & Pieces

  • So it sucks to be Tom/Raymond right now. Not only is there strife at home, what with Mary worrying he’s having an affair, but he’s also getting tortured in Beijing. For all those people wondering why a government agency would have a domestic sub-identity for a crack field agent, you may be getting your answer next week.
  • Speaking of Raymond, he really needs to work on his "Tom voice" – he sounded so disinterested when he was canceling with Mary. He should know better, shame on him.
  • Oh Henry, how your stubbornly persistent stupidity confuses me. How many times must someone tell you "trust no one" before it sinks in? I know they tried to justify Henry’s confession to Fake Fed by revealing Ruthie’s exposure to possible danger, but still. That guy didn’t seem trustworthy at all. Though big-ups on having the stones to break your own pinky to "punish" Edward. That was actually pretty funny in a sick way.
  • I found Edward buying Ruthie a completely inappropriate $2,000 dress for the Bar Mitzvah she was going to amusing.
  • Is it just me or have they never mentioned Saffron Burrows’ character’s name? I can find it on IMDB easy, but I’m just saying…
  • Speaking of Ms. Burrows the Shrink, I’m so glad they’ll be revealing (at least partially) her greater purpose early on. At first I thought the woman in the shadows was Mavis but that would’ve been too easy. It was established earlier in the therapy scene that she works for AJ & Sons (the front company), but there’s no telling what her real deal is. Is she a sleeper double agent too? Is she a good-old-fashioned chip-less agent? Does she work for another company or is she Mavis’ inside man? Color me interested.
  • This week’s episode was much less complicated than last week’s. Let’s keep it that way, hmm? And props to tying a bow on pretty big episodic plot points every week and not allowing them to linger too long.
  • Random question: How much do the pay Henry? Because I’m sure it’s not enough.

Your thoughts on this week’s episode? Do you feel bad for Tom/Raymond? Do you have a theory on The Shrink’s deal? How are the episodes moving for you?

Posted by:Tamara Brooks