Last week, Edward had discovered the identity of his parents’ true killer while Henry, Tom and their families enjoyed turducken. This time around, My Own Worst Enemy serves up a big old helping of revenge to go with the leftover turducken sandwiches.

Spoilers – skip to the bottom for just my assorted thoughts

Henry/Edward walks down a hallway as his voice-over tells us that Trumbull lied, saying that the man who killed their parents was dead. But the real culprit is alive and in this building. Edward gave up everything to kill this guy…but Edward isn’t here and Henry’s voice-over says he isn’t a killer. Yet.

Flashback to five days earlier at the LA airport. Raymond’s there and is talking to Mavis on his cell. He landed forty minutes before Edward was supposed to arrive but he’s nowhere to be found. Ray’s positive Edward wasn’t on the plane and no, he didn’t slip by. He butts in front of a pilot who was preparing to get in a cab and gives the driver the address to Janus so he can be debriefed. The pilot he jacked the cab from just happens to be Edward.

Trumbull and an as-yet-identified older agent sit in the park discussing an agent codenamed "Firefly" who’s preparing to retire and is thinking about writing a memoir. Trumbull suggests termination and Mystery Agent says he has someone named Mueller on the case. Since Firefly is past his prime, Mystery Agent is sure there won’t be a problem.

Mavis calls Trumbull and lets him know Edward’s been off grid for a little over five hours. Driving back to the office (talking without a headset which is totally illegal), she says they think he got off the plane in Atlanta and could be anywhere by now. Anywhere including the backseat of Trumbull’s car. Edward throws Trumbull’s cell out the window and holds a gun to his head. Trumbull asks if he wants to cross this line which he responds to by smacking him in the head with his gun asking, "Like you made me cross it nineteen years ago?"

Edward confronts him about Dmitri, the man who actually killed his parents, still being alive. Trumbull says it’s impossible because he confirmed the kill of the agent responsible himself. He wouldn’t lie about something like that because he was close to Edward’s dad. Flashing back nineteen years ago, Edward meets with Trumbull in his office and says he’s having second thoughts about joining the Janus program. He doesn’t like the idea of someone messing with his head. Trumbull then breaks the news that his parents were actually killed by a KGB agent because his dad was CIA, but that agent was dead. Back in present time, Edward and Trumbull continue their argument. Trumbull says they’re just messing with his head, that he only wants this to be the actually guy so he can kill him. Edward doesn’t believe him and is furious that he gave up everything based on a lie. He makes Trumbull pull the car over and kicks him out, leaving him in the middle of nowhere and stealing his wheels.

As Raymond walks through the Janus halls to meet Mavis, he gets a panicked call from Mary. She went out with some friends and had a few drinks…and she thinks she hit someone with her car. She’s not sure. And Raymond is so not happy. He tells her to unplug the phones and not talk to anyone before he gets home. He’ll call Angie so she can take over the afternoon carpool and take the kids to Mary’s sister’s house. He also tells her to take three tranquilizers with a glass of wine and try to get some sleep. Suspicious! Mavis stalks past Raymond but she doesn’t have time to talk about Tom’s personal problems and tells him to wait in her office.

She meets Trumbull in the situation room and tells him they found his car at LAX but don’t know if Edward got on a plane. He wants a team of people going over the security footage manually. He asks Dr. Skinner what could make Edward think his parents’ killer is still alive. She cites fixation as a possible cause but that doesn’t go over well. Mavis suggests acting Henry since he’s not a trained operative and would be easier to catch but Trumbull doesn’t want to risk it. The civilian identity might see too much and wiping Edward isn’t an option yet. Mavis and Dr. Skinner get a little snippy in the hallway after the meeting. Mavis suggests that Skinner is off her game and, the next time Edward contacts her, she should try and talk him in.

Edward happens to be in Ibiza, Spain staking out a yacht in a sniping position. As he’s about to take out a guard, his phone rings. He ignores the call, twice, and shoots the guard. The phone goes off again and he answers with some hostility. It’s Angie. He apologizes and says she caught him at a bad time. She’s says it’s an emergency – Jack has found the car he wants on an auction website and they only have a few minutes left to bid. Telling her to hold on a moment, Edward takes out the other yacht guard then tells her it’s fine. Just take it to a mechanic named Marlon before they pay the whole balance.

Dmitri, reading a book and listening to classical music with an oxygen tube hooked up to his nose, is not at all surprised when Edward appears. We figured someone would come for him eventually. Edward tells him his name, his parents’ name, and that Dmitri murdered them (with an implied "prepare to die"). He fills Dmitri in on the details of their death and Dmitri begins to laugh. Cutting off his oxygen to stop him, Edward insists to be let in on the joke. Considering all the blood on his hands, he finds it ironic that he’ll be executed for a murder that he didn’t commit. Turns out that Dmitri is responsible for the deaths of Yuri’s family and Edward was dispatched to be his weapon of revenge. Edward calls Dr. Skinner to verify the info, which she does, and finds out the Yuri has left the US for Bulgaria. She suggests he comes in but he just ignores it.

Meanwhile, Raymond has filled Mavis in on the situation. He can already see how much of a circus it’ll be with the newspaper and television coverage which he won’t be able to avoid. Mavis tells him to handle the situation but Raymond isn’t sure that he can pull off being Tom in person. Mavis uses the good old "Well Edward can" maneuver which changes Raymond’s tune. Arriving at home, Mary runs down the stairs and hugs Raymond. He just kind of stands there. She starts running on about how she can see the dude’s face she hit when she closes her eyes but Ray interrupts her and asks where the car is. Going out to the garage with his big silver briefcase, he sees the damage and it doesn’t look promising.

Raymond is under the car with gloves and a fluorescent light when Mary comes in and gets in. He comes to the driver’s window and asks where she’s going. Mary says she can’t find her wedding ring. Raymond gets her out of the car and she starts crying again, her head on his chest. He tells her everything’s going to be okay and takes her up to bed. He gives her another tranquilizer and has her go to sleep. Returning to Janus the next day, Tony the Tech pulls up footage from the intersection where the accident supposedly happened. Turns out two guys robbed her and, in order to escape, she hit one. She never mentioned that and Tony says it must be because of post traumatic stress disorder.

Yuri, his two henchman, and a young lady who’d been shopping arrive at an apartment only to be greeted by Edward shooting the two guards. He allows the girl to grab the shopping bags and take off. They discuss how they’re both liars (since The Falcon Edward gave him in the last episode was a fake) and they agree they’re even. Only Yuri is still selling The Falcon and the info Edward has is useless. He repays Yuri by shooting him. There’s a momentary flashback to Edward’s fake funeral which Trumbull attends.

Cut to Henry in Mavis’ office. He’s just emerged and is very confused. She tells him that he has to meet with Trumbull but he’s not going to be in a good mood. She advises him to stick with "yes sir," "no sir," and short, direct answers whenever possible and to try and not say anything that will get them all killed.

Trumbull is not nearly as angry as he should be. Perhaps that because the man who killed Edward’s parents is in fact still alive. He lied all those years ago to avoid exactly this sort of situation. His name is Hector Anthony Garza, a contract assassin. He fell off the grid after the murder. Trumbull searched for him for years but everyone assumed he was dead, which Trumbull didn’t believe because he has a daughter…plus he’s a ruthless, paranoid psychopath. Said daughter happens to be giving birth by c-section in a hospital in Rio in two days. Putting "Edward" on 48-hour leave, Trumbull gives him plane tickets and a credit card and says to finish it before it finishes him.

Henry comes home and Jack bounds down the stairs and hugs him. He, Jack and Angie go to the garage and unveil his new car – a ’69 Camero that’s pretty beat up. Henry isn’t sure it’s a good idea but Jack’s very excited about fixing it up with him. Angie reminds him that "he" said if Jack fixes it up, he’ll be more careful with it. Henry leaves a message for Edward about the Garza situation and adds a sarcastic thanks for letting Jack buy the Camero. Going back into the garage, an irritated Henry totally deflates Jack’s excitement by being a jerk and telling him his has to pay for any tools or parts. Jack gets mad and leaves, saying his friend’s dad has everything he needs. He and Angie then have words and she tells him he’s not being fair before leaving him in the garage by himself.

Meanwhile, Tony has discovered the identities of the men who robbed Mary. The one she hit walked away but aggravated a minor injury and ended up bleeding out and dying. The other guy, Carlos Mendez, is an ex-guerrilla, has a long rap sheet and is shacked up with his girlfriend and a kid in Reseda. Going to his house that night, Raymond plays possum so Carlos will open the door. Punching him and taking out the guy outside, he enters the house and another guy holds a gun to the side of his head. Ray takes him out with one hand, taking his gun and holding it on Carlos. He orders the two other men out and demands Mary’s rings back, telling him he picked the wrong person to rob. Carlos is defiant but the girlfriend runs out with their baby and gives them back. Raymond leaves. Returning home, he stands in the living room where Mary is asleep on the couch. She wakes up and turns on the light. He tells her he looked into the accident and she really hit a dog. He talked to the owner and it’s all right. He also tells her he found her rings on the sink behind the lotion. She asks him to put the rings on for her. She also asks him to stay.

On the phone with Skinner, Henry discusses how Edward needs to be activated so he can make the hit in Brazil. She tells him that the flip is random and to relax, they have 33 hours until the hit and they’ll worry about it when the time comes. Hearing noises in the garage, he peaks in and sees Jack struggling with the car. He feels bad and leaves, Jack turning around too late to see him.

Cut to Henry arriving at his hotel in Rio de Janeiro. There’s a knock on the door and it’s a bellman with a package. Inside is a gun from Trumbull. Monday morning rolls along and Henry is still Henry. He arrives at the hospital and calls Skinner, asking for Plan B. And Plan B is that Henry has to kill Garza. If he doesn’t, Trumbull will get suspicious. She talks him through prepping the gun and what to do when he sees him – namely emptying the gun into him.

And now we come back to the beginning. Henry walks through the hallway and Skinner’s voice echoes in his head. "Get as close to him as possible," she says. "Don’t take any chances." And as Garza stands admiring his grandchild, Henry gets close to him and shoots him in the head. Except not. He imagines it but can’t actually do it. This will not bode well.

Back at the Spivey residence, a special delivery arrives. Angie accepts and later on opens the garage for Jack. There are a bunch of tools there with a bow and a note that says "This one’s on me! Love Dad." Jack is very happy…but Edward is not. In his Rio hotel, he listens to Henry’s message. He apologizes for not being able to kill Garza when he had the chance, adding that at one point he would’ve been proud he couldn’t but now he’s just ashamed. Suddenly, two hands and a short rope come over his head and yank Edward out of his chair and to the ground, the bottle of alcohol shattering as it hits the floor. It’s Garza. Choking him, he says that Edward should’ve taken the shot. Struggling and fighting, Garza still has the advantage until Edward reaches for the broken bottle top and stabs him in the neck with it.

Cut to Trumbull’s office. He trusts that Edward’s resolved this issue to their mutual satisfaction, which Edward verifies. Trumbull says that everyone makes mistakes but the trick is to not be in a situation where you’re forced to repeat them. Before he leaves, Edward expressed his gratitude. Trumbull says the pleasure is all his.

Going back to the park, Trumbull meets with Mystery Agent again. He asks how Mueller is doing with the Firefly situation. MA says it’s fine, that he talked to him this morning with an update. Trumbull says it’s odd since Mueller’s body was fished out of a river three days ago. MA apologizes and says that Trumbull was right, Mueller wasn’t up to the task. He’ll get someone better qualified on it right away. Trumbull says not to worry about, that the issue had been resolved. He located Firefly in Rio. Trumbull then shoots Mystery Agent and walks away.

Assorted Thoughts & Tidbits:

  • Anyone who didn’t see Trumbull setting up Edward to kill "Firefly", raise your hand. Anyone? Anybody? No? Didn’t think so. But it was a really smart call by Trumbull – two birds, one stone and all that. This gets Edward off his back while taking care of a potential information leak. Given all the duplicity, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if Trumbull was really responsible for killing Edward’s parents in order to maneuver him into the Janus program.
  • I wonder if they’ll ever address who that Mystery Agent in the park is? Sure, he’s dead but that doesn’t make me any less curious.
  • It’s interesting that this is the situation that makes Henry more sympathetic to Edward. Not being able to pull the trigger himself, it definitely helped him appreciate how difficult Edward’s job is even more. If and when they find out Edward killed the wrong guy, at least Henry can be glad he couldn’t go through with it. On the flipside, I liked seeing Edward operating as sort of a renegade. If he did all this just to go after Dmitri, imagine what he’ll do when/if he finds out Trumbull lied to him. Again.
  • Tom/Raymond must be the unluckiest double agent in the program (well, maybe the second unluckiest since his chip isn’t fritzing). I’m glad Mary didn’t end up actually involved in a drunken hit and run. That would’ve been too much. It’s also interesting that Raymond had to deal with Mary extensively. Unlike Edward, he seems wholly uncomfortable with the domestic side of things. Also, that moment where Mary asks him to stay at the end was very well acted. Give it up for Mike O’Malley for doing such a great job with the character.

What did you think of tonight’s episode? Was Trumbull really behind Edward’s parents’ death? Did you like Raymond’s storyline this week? Any other thoughts?

Posted by:Tamara Brooks