my strange addiction urine 'My Strange Addiction': Carrie drinks her own urine (EWWW)File this under extremely disturbing: The season finale of TLC’s “My Strange Addiction” features 53-year-old Carrie, who has taken to not only drinking most of the urine she expels on a daily basis, but also using it as a sort of catch-all salve for all of her health issues.

She uses it in her neti-pot, in her eyeballs (not sure how that works, we were too busy dry-heaving to hear) and sips it out of a glass like apple juice. Sorry, we just ruined apple juice for you for a significant amount of time. You know what they say — misery loves company. If we have to know it, you do too. We can all cry in the fetal position together.

Check out a clip of the show, which airs Sunday, March 18 at 10 p.m. on TLC. In case you’d like some more background information about Carrie’s urine addiction, TLC says, “She drinks about 80 ounces every day, but that’s not the only way she gets her fix. Carrie brushes her teeth with her urine, uses it as lotion and even adds it to her bath water. She’s so obsessed with it, Carrie even believes her urine treats her cancer despite no medical proof that it works.”

Posted by:Jean Bentley