tlc my strange addiction 'My Strange Addiction': Nathaniel is in love with (and has sex with) his car

TLC’s disturbing docu-series “My Strange Addiction” returns Sunday, Feb. 12 at 20 p.m. with all-new episodes. While the premiere follows three people who are addicted to unusual things, you only need to know about Nathaniel because he is in love with his car. And has a romantic relationship with it.
Um, yep. While we try to be accepting of other people’s lifestyles and surely this man’s romantic relationship with Chase, his red Chevy Monte Carlo who is apparently a male, has deeper psychological roots, our only reaction is EWW. Sorry, it’s just really disturbing.
Check out the preview below, along with sneak peeks at Mary, who can’t stop eating cat food, and Alicia, who can’t stop smelling mothballs. But then remember that Nathaniel has sex with his car, which is more frightening than anything else we’ve seen on this show. Including the lady who ate her couch, which icked us out to no end.

Posted by:Jean Bentley