mythbusters cast photo 'Mythbusters' accident: Adam Savage apologizesThe “Mythbusters” gang is really, really sorry about the accident that sent a cannonball through a California home, bounced off a roof and landed on a minivan.

“We feel really lucky and fortunate that, after a nearly perfect safety record over eight years, that this mishap didn’t lead to anybody being injured,” head Mythbuster Adam Savage tells the Los Angeles Times. “We’re gathering all the information we can … Our main concern is making sure this never happens again.”
Savage wasn’t there — the cannonball test was being conducted by Tory Belleci, Kari Byron and Grant Imahara — but he assures the LA Times that the production company will cover all property damage and hotel expenses. They’re taking things very seriously, and still plan to air the episode in 2012. 
Hey, no one got hurt, they’re re-examining what went wrong and compensating the victims. Sounds like they’re doing everything they should be doing. Plus, it’ll be a fun story for the contractors hired to repair the damaged home. We’re positive they’ve never gotten a job due to cannonball destruction before. 
Posted by:Jean Bentley