mythbusters cast photo 'Mythbusters' accident sends a cannonball through a houseWell, it had to happen sometime. We love “Mythbusters” in all its explosive glory, but after so many experiments over the past 8 years, it’s hardly surprising that there was an accident. During an experiment with a cannon, a misfire happened, sending a cannonball right through a house and onto another roof.

The accident happened at 4pm on Tuesday, December 6th when the group was testing out a myth involving cannons (leading us to assume that Adam Savage will be doing his pirate accent again) at a bomb range in Alameda County. Frequent watchers of the show will recognize this area as it’s frequently used in “Mythbusters” experiments.

Instead of hitting garbage cans as it was intended, a cannonball went through the wall of a home in Dublin, CA, bounced off a roof and finally landed on a minivan. No one was hurt, but we have a feeling that any future cannons will be pointed in the opposite direction.

Posted by:jbusch