Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman.jpgJamie Hyneman and Adam Savage, the hosts/executive producers of the Discovery Channel’s Emmy-nominated show “Mythbusters” will be part of a new show called “Unchained Reaction,” according to Deadline.

The two will serve as judges on the series, which has two
teams of varying backgrounds like artists, rocket scientists, animatronic
specialists, engineers and regular people, against each other
to build an elaborate chain reaction machine. The
teams are given
five days to complete a series of mechanisms based on a specific theme. According to the network, “refined mechanical movements, pyrotechnics and
large-scale destruction are encouraged.” At the end of the the five
days, Savage and Hyneman, along with a new judge every week, will pick a winner.

“Unchained Reaction” will premiere in March, with Savage and Hyneman executive producing. “We wanted to craft a show that puts the process of problem solving and
ingenuity front and center, and we’ve done exactly that with “Unchained Reaction,” Savage said. Hyneman added, “The innovative solutions and boundless
energy demonstrated by the contestants surprised us every single time.”

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