Nadya Sulemans mother — who says she is already exhausted physically, emotionally and financially from caring for her daughter’s six older children — says she didn’t even know her daughter was pregnant again until she began to show.

Angela Suleman speaks to the CBS "Morning Show" about her initial anger at her daughter, her frustration and how she will have to get a bigger house for the eight new tiny grandbabies.

She also says she thinks that Nadya is a very "good mother."


‘Cause she’s sure not so great a daughter. I can’t think of many daughters who would expect their retired mothers to  care and pay for their six kids and then keep another IVF pregnancy from them. Aren’t daughters supposed to help take care of their aging mothers? Isn’t that the way it’s supposed to work?

Curiously, Angela doesn’t look nearly as cosmetically "refreshed" as Nadya does. I’d just love to know what Angela think of her daughter’s improved appearance.

Wonder why no one has asked her on camera yet?

Maybe Angela paid for it.

Or maybe she’s just too tired to notice that refined nose and those plumped lips?

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