Nadya Suleman‘s father has some harsh words for his daughter.

Speaking on "The Oprah Winfrey Show," Ed Doud questioned Nadya’s mental status and criticized the Beverly Hills doctor who did her IVFs as "absolutely irresponsible."

Nadyachuckie420 Asked about his Nadya’s rationale for having 14 children, Doud said: "Now I’m no psychiatrist, but I question her mental situation."

"You know what? She needs help. I say to everybody now — people, we do need help," he said. "Do not punish my daughter for what she had done and do not punish the babies, because they were given by God."

Seems like Nadya has already gotten way too much help, if you ask me. And there’s a word for a father and mother like Nadya’s: enablers.

And why didn’t Oprah ask about Nadya’s unnaturally engorged Angelina Jolie-esque lips? You’re slipping, O.

But he’s right about the helpless babies.

What’s your suggestion? What should be done to help Nadya’s eight new babies and her six other children?

What’s that? Speak up, we can’t hear you. And no profanities or death threats, please!

I can’t post your comments if you include those. Got it?

Oprah’s interview with Nadya’s dad airs Feb. 24.

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