A furious Nadya Suleman lashes out at her poor mother for questioning why Nadya chose to have eight more children when she already has six at home that she can’t care for.

In a world exclusive, Nadya and Angela Suleman have an intense verbal smackdown on camera for the first time.

And it’s not pretty. Click here to watch it.

Angela criticizes her daughter’s decision to have the in-vitro procedure that led to the octuplets

"I will never understand," Angela says of her daughter’s decision to have IVF. "You should have considered your other six children."

"You can’t go back and alter the past. Done, done, done," an agitated Nadya tells her mom.

She’s so furious, her enormous engorged lips are literally quivering in the video.

When the discussion turns toward adoption, Nadya is furious. Angela tells her daughter that when she saw the octuplets for the first time: "I felt sorry for them."

When Nadya says she has to accept the help that has been offered, her mother responds,

"I hope you’ll get help. I really hope so."

We have a feeling she’s not just talking about financial help.

Do you agree with Mom? Or Nadya?

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Posted by:Elizabeth Snead