Nadya-suleman taunted Nadya Suleman with photos of a tan and trim Kate Gosselin in a bikini.

And a disgusted Nadya promptly ripped them up and tossed them in the trash.

Kate-gosselin-us-weekly-favorite In a new video on their site, Radaronline does the unthinkable: They showed photos of one egomaniacal multiple mom in a bikini to another egomaniacal multiple mom who gave birth to eight just four months ago.

Suleman dubs Gosselin a "cheater" for relying on plastic surgery to get her bod back in bikini shape. Kate has openly admitted having a tummy tuck.

Nadya swears she would never ever get a tummy tuck and that her friends (she has friends?) call her "rubber band" for her natural ability to bounce back after childbirth.

Yeah. This from a woman who swears those are her natural, God-given lips……

Keep reading for more of Nadya's comments on Kate!

]]>Suleman also says Kate's bikini photos look "staged," that she was pretending she wasn't being photographed. She calls Kate "desperate for attention." She also doesn’t like Kate’s body much, calling it "straight" and "boxy."

See more hot pixs of Kate on a beach!

And if Nadya were ever on a beach, she says she would not wear a bikini like Kate’s. She would choose a boy-shorts style that is less revealing.

Oh, we can’t wait for that …

What we don't get is how Kate Gosselin can be called "desperate" when she has the successful realty TV show and all Nadya has is these pathetic and annoying videos.

What do you think? Who's the desperate one? And what do you think of Nadya's assessment of Kate's figure?

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Photos: Totally unstaged photos of Nadya shopping for melons. Kate Gosselin, clearly unaware of being photographed on a beach. Who's the scammer? FilmMagic and Us Weekly.

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead