According to Us Weekly via Yahoo’s OMG!, Nadya Suleman has finally accepted the Angels in Waiting generous offer to help raise her 14 children. She told this to Dr. Phil in an episode that will air tomorrow and Wednesday.

Guess nothing better came up.

Wonder if these Dr. Phil programs are how she’s gotten together enough money for a big down payment on the new house her father Ed Doud has purchased.

There was a sizable down payment made for that $594,000 new house his daughter is moving into this weekend, Us says.

Wait, isn’t that how we got into this mortgage crisis?

Are banks still giving mortgages to people who are unemployed, on food stamps and on disability? Does her dad have a job? How is this possible?

OK, anyway, back to the Angels in Waiting business. 

According to Us Magazine, Angels founder Linda Conforti West has said that her agency will provide around-the-clock services of skilled neonatal nurses who specialize in premature infant developmental care. The kids will also receive psychological and physical therapy. The services will start when the octuplets are released from the hospital, and will be re-evaluated every six months.

"The plan in place, which could not have happened without attorney Gloria Allred and Angels in Waiting, affords all of the Suleman children a chance to grow and thrive, " Dr. Phil says in a statement.  "The childcare will be completely transparent, so that Kaiser Permanente and Child Protective Services will see that Nadya is seriously committed to her family."

Suleman turned down Angels in Waiting’s first offer two weeks ago, the organization’s attorney Allred said, because the organization wouldn’t let her film a reality show in the provided housing.

Wait. You will love this part. Angels in Waiting estimates that it will cost $135,000 a month to care 24 hours a day for Suleman’s eight babies — born nine and a half weeks premature in January.

Let me say that again: $135,000 a month.

Do you think this is complete nonsense? Wonder what Nadya will be doing with her free time? Maybe writing that child-care book?

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