NadyaSulem_Jason_16600327_600 Gloria Allred has Nadya Suleman's eight infants best financial interests at heart.

And that — not to make more headlines for herself — is why she filed a petition to appoint a guardian for Suleman's eight infants to ensure they are financially compensated from all media coverage of their little lives.

"In the case of the octuplets, rather than choosing to provide her children with a normal life their mother has chosen instead to commercially exploit them," Allred has said. "The Guardian will assure that the childrens' compensation is fair and that their money is segregated and supervised. In other words, professional management will help to safeguard the babies' separate interests and rights."

A hearing is set for June 22, although Allred will drop it if Suleman agrees to appoint a guardian.

Suleman responded Allred in a video on her favorite salary-paying website, "I feel like as though many, many, many, many people in this society are trying to distract me from taking care of my babies. And I'm gonna continue to live in my baby bubble with my kids. And whoever wants a piece of me or the babies, keep on trying. That's all I have to say."

You think Nadya is gonna appoint a guardian? Someone who will tell her not to shop and get manicures and tattoos with her kids college money? Oh, dream on!

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