Website200_2 Feel sorry for Nadya Suleman, the new mother of eight premature babies?

The Nadya Suleman who has given birth to 14 kids through in vitro treatments, who receives food stamps and whose three older children get disability payments? 

The Nadya Suleman who wanted to sell her story for $2 million and who sought a TV gig as a mothering expert? Who also has $50,000 in student loans?

The woman who appears to have had expensive plastic surgery on her nose and lips to look more like Angelina Jolie?

That Nadya Suleman?

Since that TV deal hasn’t happened, she’s now launched a website where you can leave messages and even donate money and items for her babies.

The website has a a baby theme, with rainbows, hearts and spelling blocks, and it displays photos of all the babies, who range in weight from 1 to 2 pounds. There’s also one shot of of Suleman (from her NBC appearance) with the caption: "Proud Mother of 14."

Naturally, the homepage has links to a message board and (ta-da!) a payment page.

And yes, she takes PayPal. Like you had to ask.

The woman has no shame….

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Posted by:Elizabeth Snead