naked chegs vegan cooking gi Naked chefs bare all in new vegan cooking craze

If there’s anything the internet isn’t lacking, it’s nudity. Throw a rock online, and you’ll hit a naked person. A vegan-centric recipe site is using nudity to stand out from their competition, though. Three English roommates launched their blog, Naked Vegan Cooking, in 2011 and now have thousands of followers.
In an interview with Going Very Vegan, Jess, one of the site’s three founders, discussed how it all got started. The idea came when he and another roommate (Greta) decided to launch a recipe blog, then found their third roommate (Luke) cooking naked in the kitchen. Initially, the nudity was a gimmick to stand out, but evolved into creating discussion about body image issues, and showing what real bodies look like “in a world of photoshopped, unrealistic images.”
There’s still room for fun, though. When asked about the most painful naked cooking experience, Jess jokes, “Had a couple, in the early days when deep frying falafel. We quickly learned that aprons are not the enemy.”
Now the site receives submissions from all over the world, both recipes, and photos from people cooking them. Jess says the next step for the three is an anthology of essays on body image, as well as a cookbook.  He also has a message for everyone, saying, “Veganism is not the revolution – despite the attitude that some vegans have toward the diet.” He explains that it’s simply one of many dietary options, and that even he cheats from time to time.
Posted by:Chris E. Hayner

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