naked ebay seller Naked eBay seller photo goes viral   Aimi Jones sells dress for $245,000

When Aimi Jones posted a yellow ASOS skater dress to eBay, she clearly did not realize that she was selling a bit more than she bargained for. Due to a poorly placed mirror, the photo listing of the item revealed the naked eBay seller posing in just her bra as she snapped a shot of the item.

Once she realized her mistake — and after the image went viral — Jones reposted the item listing. She still kept with the same style of photo, though this time she wore a more demure jacket with no pants. The initial mistake (if it was that) worked, and Jones sold the dress for �153,911, or roughly $245,000.

“It’s so embarrassing. It is such a dizzy, stupid thing to do and now the whole world’s seen me in the nude,” Jones tells The Sun, via Daily Mail. “I put it on eBay last Saturday morning and realized straight away so ended the sale. But what I didn’t realise was that people could steal it on the site.”

A screenshot of the listing was trending on Twitter as #ebayyellowsaterdress and helped boost its fame. Jones’ eBay name is “sugartit_2,” and she originally listed the item for �15.99, or $25. Embarrassing Internet faux pas or not, that’s quite an upsell.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz