Chances are you will never see anything quite as compelling as Nancy Grace and rapper 2 Chainz debating whether the legalization of marijuana would be destructive to society as a whole. If you aren’t sure which side of the argument Grace falls on, chances are you’ve never seen her show.
Grace welcomed 2 Chainz to her HLN show Tuesday night (Jan. 13) and proceeded to yell over him while he tried to explain his stance that marijuana legalization is a good thing. The yelling is a staple of most episodes of Grace’s show, so it’s not all that surprising.
The host brings up a few different incidents where children have been put in danger with marijuana — including showing a video of a parent making their 2-year-old child smoke a joint. She believes that legalizing the narcotic could lead to similar instances on a larger scale. Meanwhile, 2 Chainz’s defense is simple: You can’t brand an entire community based on the acts of a couple of people.
Furthermore, the rapper points to jails and the justice system, overcrowded with marijuana cases, and how pot-related charges on your record could prevent someone from getting a job or a loan to buy a house.
In all, it’s an interesting — if not volatile — discussion between the two. There was no real compromise to be found, but neither is giving up the fight yet,. In fact, 2 Chainz is already preparing for round two with Grace.

Posted by:Chris E. Hayner

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