nancy grace ratings Nancy Grace nip slip on 'Dancing With the Stars': Why?!Four words we never wanted to type: “Nancy Grace nip slip.”

But yes, it happened. Maybe. On Monday night’s “Dancing With the Stars” performance episode, Grace’s top slipped, revealing what could possibly be the edge of an areola. (We know. We know! Barf.)

But if Nancy Grace is the one who was exposed on a national television show, who is going to publicly express outrage about it? We think that for integrity’s sake, Nancy Grace should do a segment on her show demanding that Nancy Grace be banned from television forever.

Some of our favorite tweets about the incident:

“Listen very carefully to what I am about to tell you. Do not follow any links you see involving Nancy Grace.” –pourmecoffee

“On Nancy Grace nipslip: ‘The devil is dancing tonight,’ has never been more apropos.” –ClayTravisBGID

“I almost want to see the Nancy Grace nip slip just to find out how many missing white girls she was hiding in there.” –mdotbrown

“‘Nancy Grace Nip Slip’ is like something that the world’s worst news generator would spit out on its first try.” –Unsilent

“‘It’s odd that Nancy Grace is on Dancing With the Stars because she’s a legitimate journalist and not a ghoulish fame-monger,’ said no one.” –Steve_Dangle

Word is you can watch the whole thing go down in the video below. We can’t confirm this, because we don’t want to have to pour bleach on our own eyeballs tonight.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie