Never ever, ever ask Nancy Pelosi what she’s wearing.
At Tuesday’s state dinner, a Washington style scribe politely asked the elegantly attired House speaker, “Is your gown Armani?”
A pool report notes “Pelosi shot her a disapproving stare and rolled her eyes a bit. She also refused to answer Givhan’s follow-up question, “What was that look?!”


So what WAS she wearing?
2009 11 25 Picture2 Nancy Pelosi glares at reporter who asks if Armani did her dress
Perhaps it was Armani and:
 A. Pelosi doesn’t want voters to know what expensive clothes she wears.
B. She just hates fashion critics.
C. She specifically dislikes Robin Givhan, the style reporter who asked the question.
However Givhan has a proven and keen eye for designer wares. 
She correctly identified Obama’s social secretary Desiree Rogers‘ cutting edge Commes des Garcon at the same event.
Watch your backseams, ladies.  If you’re doing pricy designer duds, you can run but you can’t hide. There’s a fashion mole in the White House.

Photo credits: AP/ screen grab from MSN