Naomi Campbell pleaded guilty, according to the Associated Press and other outlets, to the charges stemming from a Heathrow Airport incident involving lost luggage, assaulting a few British bobbies (coppers) and using abusive language.

Delish, isn’t it? But the best part is that former supermodel-turned-party-crawler Campbell might spend six months in the clink!

Memo to the judge: Frankly, we think she might take her punishments a bit more seriously if she didn’t get to model designer clothes, furs, jackets and boots for her community service sentence. We’re thinking prison garb might be a real wake-up-and-smell-the-Prozac.  Just saying ….

As for all those rumors about poor Campbell going bald due to too many years of wearing weaves, well, we couldn’t feel worse about that.

Just because this is always fun to watch, check out Naomi’s runway spill at a Vivienne Westwood show in London.  And notice that NO ONE tried to help her up. Maybe they were afraid she might hit them with her platform heels.

Photo: Naomi Campbell shows off her bald spot in London.

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead