naomi campbell mugged Naomi Campbell mugged and injured in Paris   report

Naomi Campbell reportedly did not have the best of luck when she was visiting Paris prior to Christmas. The British model is said to have torn a ligament in her leg after she was “knocked over and robbed” by a group of men when she was trying to hail a cab.

The news comes from the New York Post, and Campbell tells the outlet that she’s “fine.” Campbell was reportedly flown by her billionaire boyfriend Vladimir Doronin to Colorado where she is being treated by an orthopedic surgeon. She has been seen traveling around with crutches and a wheelchair over the past couple of weeks.

Strangely, the Daily Mail says that there is no record or official report of the crime in Paris. “If such a serious crime had taken place then a criminal inquiry would have started by now, especially if the victim ended up in a wheelchair,” a police source tells the paper. It’s unclear if that fact is significant or not, but for now we’ll just say we’re glad that Campbell walked out of this relatively safe.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz