nascar fans to sue after daytona 500 accident gi NASCAR fans to sue after Daytona Nationwide crash led to injuries

Some of the fans injured in Saturday’s Nationwide crash are planning to sue the organization. WFTV reports that a number of those hurt have already obtained legal counsel. In all, 33 fans were injured in the accident, with seven being hospitalized.
Spectators were in the line of fire when a multi-car pileup sent pieces of wreckage, including a tire and an engine, flying during the final lap of the race. NASCAR has sent customer service representatives to the hospital to meet with the injured fans, as well as drivers Tony Stewart and Scott Lagasse Jr
However, three fans who have been released don’t think that is enough, and have hired attorney Matt Morgan to represent them. “No fan assumes the risk of a car flying in the stands and suffering a significant injury,” Morgan says. He points out that the next step is to investigate whether NASCAR did all they could for the safety of the fans. “Was there a safer fence that wasn’t put in place because of monetary considerations?” he questions.
Not all of the injured fans are interested in suing. Eddie Huckaby, hospitalized with a laceration to his leg, is satisfied with how NASCAR has dealt with the situation so far. According to his brother, Terry Huckaby, they have not been offered any compensation since the accident, but NASCAR has made sure all of the victims are comfortable during their recovery.
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