nashville season 2 premiere 'Nashville' EP Callie Khouri talks Season 2, Rayna's re complicated relationship with Deacon, and new love interests

The long wait is over: “Nashville” Season 2 premieres Wednesday night (Sept. 25), and fans will finally get to see the outcome of Deacon and Rayna’s disastrous car crash at the end of the Season 1 finale.

“Physically, Rayna’s left in a very difficult position. It was a horrible accident,” creator/executive producer Callie Khouri tells Zap2it. “She has a lot of physical things that she has to overcome. And then on top of that, Maddie now knows that Deacon is her biological father so that’s something she’s going to have to deal with.”

Even without factoring in the horrible car crash Deacon caused in his drunken stupor, now that Deacon knows that Rayna’s eldest daughter is actually his biological daughter and she’s been lying to him for years, their relationship has been re-complicated past the point of repair. “We find out a lot more about Deacon and his feelings about Maddie, and it’s like the dream of their relationship is gone, that romantic dream of ‘One day we can make this work,'” Khouri reveals. “We will also find out a lot more about their history, and we’ll see that it has always been pretty star-crossed for them. And yet, they really, truly, deeply love each other and it just leaves them both in a pretty awful situation.”

Rayna’s complicated relationship with Deacon won’t hold her back in matters of the heart, however. Khouri reveals that Rayna will have a lot of romantic interests this season. “Will Chase comes on to play a character named Luke Wheeler who is a country music star that is as famous if not more so than she is,” Khouri says. “It’s interesting for her to be going out with somebody who is in many ways a peer and an equal on a professional level and then trying to make that work. Those relationships are always fraught with their own complications. Two major careers like that, trying to make them work together? Not easy.”

Viewers can also expect to see a familiar, brooding rock star return for Season 2. “Liam returns for a period of time, since they’re still at work on her album,” Khouri teases. “And then Oliver Hudson comes on as the head of her label. Her label is bought once again by an even larger corporation and he is sent in to retool everything. Even though he’s an incredibly attractive guy, there is quite a bit of head butting that goes on.”

Three love interests for Rayna, not including Deacon? Seems like our favorite redhead will have her hands full of hot guys this season. “That’s it for now,” Khouri promises. “There’s more stuff down the road but that’s as far as we’re taking it at the moment for her.”

Rayna won’t the only one getting some new loving this season. What about her blonde rival? “Juliette is a reluctant participant in her love life,” Khouri says. “She got really burned by Dante, and after being married to Sean and having that fall apart, and falling for Dante and having him be a complete dishonest liar and even her relationship with Deacon kind of turned from what started out as a romantic interest into more of a platonic place, I think that she’s just really not going willingly into any relationship. But she will find people that are as messed up as she is. And there are some surprises in store later in the season.”

After all the horrible, tragic events in Season 1, love might be the last thing on Juliette’s mind at the moment. “I think that Juliette has been thrown for such a loop that she doesn’t even know how she’s doing,” Khouri explains. “What she’s having to deal with in this first episode is her mother died, Rayna almost died, the guy that she felt she could have really been in love with is dead, so I think we’ve left Juliette in a real mess. And her album is about to drop. So on top of everything else she’s got to go out and perform. So we’ll see the repercussions of the fallout of last season being played out quite a bit this season. Let’s just say she didn’t learn to trust people more.”

And as for Gunnar and Scarlett, just because they got engaged at the end of the Season 1 finale, that doesn’t mean their relationship will be smooth sailing from here on out. “I think they’re also going to end up in an extremely complicated place,” Khouri teases. “They’re both in a really tricky place career-wise: although they started out intertwined, that doesn’t seem to be the way things are headed at the beginning of the season which is difficult for both of them. Let’s just say that nobody is going to have an easy time of things romantically on the show this year, and they will be no exception.”

It sounds like we’re in for another dramatic season. “I hope people like the season premiere,” Khouri says. “It really gets off to a running start. It’s going to be a lot of fun.”

“Nashville” Season 2 premieres Wednesday, Sept. 25 at 10 p.m. ET on ABC.

Posted by:Sydney Bucksbaum