nashville juliette will 'Nashville' recap: Juliette finally makes the right call romantically ... just a little too late

Before things take a dangerous turn on next week’s “Nashville” (according to the promo, someone’s going to die), Wednesday (Dec. 4) night’s episode, “I’m Tired of Pretending,” focused on relationships … both romantic, professional, and familial.

On Juliette’s tour, Layla’s been giving herself more and more time onstage (with increasing encores), and it’s pissing Juliette off. So she decides to flip Layla and Will’s sets, making Layla the opening opener. Layla tries to once again give herself more time by singing a duet with Will at the end of his set, and Juliette snakes it from her, ambushing Will onstage and singing with him. Layla runs off in tears and Juliette claims, “What? She started it.” Kind of immature, but super hilarious. This isn’t going to end well, and we agree with Glen: Charlie’s influence is bringing out the worst in Juliette.

That’s right, Charlie is still around … but he’s also pissing Juliette off, since for the past week he’s been pushing his “I love you’s” on her and she doesn’t believe him. But he files for divorce from Olivia to prove he’s serious. And even though it looked like she might give in to Charlie and start a real, public relationship with him, after talking with Will about how he wants to be with someone who makes him the best version of himself, she realizes that Charlie isn’t that for her and they end things.

Juliette made a responsible romantic decision? Alert the press! No really, alert the press, since after Will rejects Layla’s hookup (they’re still pretending to be a couple and she wants to make it real), Layla, still pissed about Juliette, calls up TMZ and spills that Juliette is the reason Charlie filed for divorce from Olivia. Time for the scandalous affair to become public, even though it’s over. Oops.

Back in Nashville, Maddie wants to take guitar lessons with Deacon to get to know him better. After she gets permission from Rayna and Teddy, she also invites him to her open mic night and invites him to sing onstage with her. That pisses off Teddy but makes Rayna happy. Teddy confronts Deacon outside about not being her father and needing to stay away from Maddie, and Maddie witnesses the two of them fighting and storms off. Deacon decides that he wants to fight for his rights as Maddie’s real father, while Teddy wants to shut Deacon out and cuts him from the Music City Music Festival roster. This battle has only just begun.

On Luke Wheeler’s tour, we got to witness the weirdest four-way call ever between Zoey, Gunnar, Avery, and Scarlett. Zoey and Avery decide to road trip to meet up with Gunnar and Scarlett to visit them on tour. This whole situation is suuuper awkward since Scar left Avery for Gunnar but is now back with Avery, while Gunnar and Zoey are hooking up behind Scarlett’s back. You get all that? Oof. Scarlett being Scarlett can’t even enjoy when her bf and bff visit, and decides that she feels left out of their friendship since she doesn’t work with them at the Bluebird anymore. After having girl talk with Zoey, Zoey decides to not tell Scarlett about Gunnar even though she told Gunnar she would. Of course, Scar then catches them making out so oops.

Back to the political story line that just won’t die, Lamar asks Rayna to visit him in jail, to let her know that he’s getting his lawyers to set up a hearing to ask for house arrest. The only thing is, he needs her and Tandy to be character witnesses. That’s going to be awkward for Tandy since she put Lamar in jail in the first place! Her secret betrayal is totally going to come out … but not this week. Tandy doesn’t show to the hearing (she obviously can’t testify for Lamar since she’s the opposition in the case) but Rayna speaks on his behalf. It doesn’t work though, and Lamar is denied house arrest. He promises to make whoever put him in jail suffer, but he doesn’t know that he just waged war on his own daughter. Once again, we say: oops.

All in all, “I’m Tired of Pretending” was an entertaining hour to say the least, but we can’t stop thinking about next week’s “big” murder. Who’s going to die? Our money is on Tandy, Lamar, or Teddy. Who do you think is going to bite the bullet?

“Nashville” airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET on ABC.

Posted by:Sydney Bucksbaum