nashville guilty street recap 'Nashville' Season 2 episode 16: Rayna and Juliette team up again in 'Guilty Street'

The “Nashville” dream team is back together, y’all!

That’s right, what fans have been waiting for all season long ever since Rayna announced she was going forward with her own label came to pass in the final moments of “Guilty Street” on Wednesday (March 5) night. Juliette, sick of being wooed by record labels who wouldn’t let her make the music she wants to make or respect her as an artist, approached Rayna to ask if Highway 65 would sign her.

Rayna’s look of surprise (captured for posterity above) was spot-on, but she shook off her wonder and agreed to sign Juliette because her label needs the money (Tandy’s been so distracted that she hasn’t been able to balance the label’s accounts, and when checks bounced word spread around town, costing Rayna a potential artist). Just imagine all the diva fights and incredible music we’ll get out of the Rayna/Juliette dream team once again!

Of course, Juliette first got to serve Jeff Fordham a slice of humble pie. Or more accurately, a 10 grand bottle of champagne, poured all over his dinner table after he came groveling back to her after dropping her so mercilessly from Edgehill. She almost ended up signing a new deal with them to start rebuilding the bridges she burned in Nashville, but Avery helped her realize that they would never truly respect her as an artist. 

All Edgehill and Jeff care about is the bottom line, as evidenced by their cruel dismissal of Layla Grant. Not even support from her “boyfriend” Will garnered her a second chance, and the poor girl is without her career, and unknown to her, without a real boyfriend, since it’s getting harder and harder for Will to ahem, perform with her in the bedroom. How long will he be able to stay in the closet? His fame is growing exponentially, so he won’t be able to keep this a secret for long.

As for Will’s roommate Gunnar, he got a little overzealous about his new band with Zoey and Avery. In fact, he started booking gigs right away without talking it over with the group first, and that ruffled Avery’s feathers. The two guys almost get into a fist fight before their first gig, but after absolutely killing it onstage, they all realize they have something special. Avery, Zoey and Gunnar all smiled at each other, so is all forgiven? Hope so, because that music they’re making is on point.

Scarlett is also making some sweet music with Liam, but the fact that they’re hooking up is a bad sign. Sure, he’s helping to bring out real emotion from her for the first time ever and the songs they’re laying down are incredible, but Liam is a rock star and Scarlett is a young girl who falls too fast. Rayna was right to be worried, and when she catches the two of them hooking up, she fires Liam and tells him to end things with Scarlett before she falls for him even more.

Liam listens to Rayna, knowing she’s right about Scarlett, and leaves. He tells Scarlett not to be upset about him leaving. “It’s not tragic, it’s just living life,” he says, explaining that’s how it goes in their business. Scarlett is disappointed because she thinks Liam’s leaving means the end of her album but Rayna tells her that what Liam brought out in her was there all along. That’s the mark of a true artist: Not being owned or controlled by anyone but themselves. Maybe hooking up with Liam was actually a good thing for Scarlett, because it helped her realize that she’s had this talent in her all along and can do this on her own.

And in the biggest cringe-worthy moment of the night, after Teddy found Peggy’s miscarriage meds that were prescribed before their wedding, he realizes she lied to him about her pregnancy.
He gets drunk and confesses to Deacon’s girlfriend that while he would have still married Peggy if she was honest about her miscarriage, he wouldn’t have married her if he knew she was a liar and a manipulator. She comforts him, and they end up banging in her car. As if her cheating on Deacon wasn’t bad enough, she goes back to him like nothing is wrong, after he turned down a really nice woman from his past because he loves the lawyer. She’s totally going to break his heart. Poor Deacon.

What did you think of “Guilty Street?” Are you excited to see Rayna and Juliette team up again?

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Posted by:Sydney Bucksbaum