nashville weve got things to do recap 'Nashville' Season 2, episode 17: Juliette's jealousy almost tanks Rayna's label in 'We've Got Things to Do' This should come as no surprise to any “Nashville” fan — Juliette’s jealousy and impatience drove the diva make an impulsive and rash decision on Wednesday’s (March 12) all-new episode, “We’ve Got Things To Do.” But instead of just making things harder for herself, she almost took down the Queen Bee of country music with her!

After signing with Rayna’s label, Highway 65, at the end of last week’s episode, Juliette was anxious to announce the big news and release her single, “Don’t Put Dirt On My Grave Just Yet,” as a digital download. However, Rayna has a different plan. She tells Juliette to keep quiet on her joining Highway 65 for now, because association with Juliette can harm Rayna’s career the way things are right now. But with a calculated album roll out for Rayna, the association can be helpful for Juliette in the future. It’s logical but obviously pisses off Juliette, who’s ready to get back in country music’s good graces. But Rayna tells Juliette the first step she should make now is separating herself from Edgehill, meaning dropping Will and Layla from her tour.

After the way Jeff Fordham dropped her, Layla hires Brett to be her new manager — super awkward for Will, right? Having his secret ex-boyfriend manage his beard … who doesn’t even know that she’s a beard in the first place. Oof. Even worse, Brett tells them both the news that Juliette dropped them from her tour. 

Will storms over to Juliette’s to ask her what happened and try to fix things, because he thought they were friends. It’s truly heartbreaking hearing Will beg Juliette to tell him what he did wrong to make her not want him on her tour anymore and that he’s given up too much to be a one-hit wonder (like his own happiness). He needs the tour to promote his album, but Juliette can’t tell him why she dropped him. She just says it’s not personal.

Another person who wants to make the right call professionally (and not personally) is Scarlett now that Liam’s gone (to Westeros). When Scarlett tells Deacon that Liam was “called away” and can’t produce any more tracks for her album, he tells her that he was never a fan of Liam’s (gee, I wonder why?) and she can do the album without him. Scarlett tells Rayna she’s not ready to trust another stranger to help her produce (because she’ll probably sleep with him and develop another addiction in addition to her pill-popping), so she wants to ask Avery for his help since he knows her and is talented on his own. But when he has reservations on how it might make things with Juliette, she clears the air: “I’m so done with complicated it’s not even funny.”

When Avery tells Juliette about Scarlett’s offer, she gets “pissed.” She turned down her own imprint at Edgehill because Avery didn’t want to ride her coattails but he’ll do it for Scarlett, as Juliette sees it. But Avery says it’s doing a favor for a friend, and the situation is different. They both get angry and storm off.

After Luke Wheeler offers Will a spot on his tour (so much tour-shifting going around! Scarlett left Luke for Rayna, so Luke’s filling her spot with Will who left Rayna for him!), he breaks up with Layla. Will thinks Jeff wants him to distance himself from her after he tried promoting her album, and he obviously doesn’t care about her romantically. But Brett tells Will later that Will can’t break up with her. While Brett says he’ll never expose Will for being gay, others in his past might as he gets more famous. Brett says rumors will start to swirl about why Brett got fired, and it could tank Will’s career if he hasn’t been “careful” with exes in the past.

When Will confesses to Gunnar later that there were indeed “others” in his past, he’s worried about them coming out of the woodwork. So he comes up with a plan to shut them all up once and for all: He proposes to Layla! And she says yes! Whoa. This is going to end reallyyyyy badly for both of them. Never thought we’d say this, but poor Layla. Yeesh.

While Luke offered Will a 45-minute set on his tour, he also offered Deacon a spot as well! That’s such a huge opportunity for Deacon, and it’s obvious that he’s excited about it. But he says he has to run it by his lawyer girlfriend first, because he’s just the sweetest and best boyfriend ever. Too bad he’s with a two-timing, lying, awful person, because she’s got major feelings for Teddy. And since Teddy’s pursuing her hardcore, it’s obviously not going to end well. At least she tells Deacon to go on the tour. If she had ruined that chance for him, that would have been just the absolute cruelest thing ever.

At Rayna’s album release party, Juliette gets tired of not being able to advertise the fact that she’s been signed to Highway 65, especially when everyone’s touting Scarlett as Rayna’s next big project. When Juliette hears people saying that Scarlett’s the best young singer/songwriter Rayna’s ever heard, she gets way jealous. So Juliette hijacks the mic to introduce Rayna, and oh-so-slyly announces in front of all the press that Rayna signed her to Highway 65. Everyone in the room is clearly shocked that Rayna would make such a poor decision, but Juliette is satisfied.

Rayna gives Juliette an honest and frank talking to later on that night, telling Juliette that she put everything on the line for this label and is really doing everything to make it work for both of them. But Juilette needs to listen to her. Rayna comes up with a plan for damage control now that the secret’s out, so they sing together at the Opry. It’s not going to fix things totally, but it’s a good start.

Meanwhile, in order to keep the peace in their relationship, Avery tells Juliette he’ll say no to Scarlett’s offer, but what he really wants is for Juliette to be okay with it so he doesn’t have to say no. Especially since Scarlett told Avery she really needs him for her album.

In other news, Avery and Zoey tell Gunnar they just want to keep the band as something they do “for fun,” because they’ve all got other things going on. Zoey tells Gunnar about her audition, and how it will take her away for six months if she gets it. But she doesn’t, so it won’t.

Also, Teddy gets super father figure-y with Maddie when she focuses more on music than her schoolwork and wears too much makeup and calls Deacon her “real dad.” When he grounds her, she gets pissed, and uploads a video of her singing with Deacon’s last name to YouTube. A.k.a. she’s about to blow up the country music world with the secret that her real father is Deacon Claybourne. Uh oh.

What did you think of Juliette and Rayna’s first big performance since becoming a team once more? How much do you think Maddie’s little upload is going to affect all our favorite characters? Isn’t Deacon’s girlfriend just the worst?

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Posted by:Sydney Bucksbaum