nashville recap your wild lifes gonna get you down 'Nashville' Season 2, episode 18 recap: Will says 'I do' to a life of lies in 'Your Wild Life's Gonna Get You Down' Raise your hand if you think Will just made the biggest mistake of his life by marrying his beard Layla in a quickie ceremony on “Nashville” on Wednesday (March 26)?

The deeply-closted rising country star wanted to make sure none of his past flings came out of the woodwork, so he put a ring on Layla’s finger to quiet the naysayers. He promised Gunnar that he’ll be a loving and committed husband to Layla, but that obviously can’t and won’t last. He won’t be able to deny his true feelings forever, and it will ruin Layla’s life when that happens. 

The poor girl just gave up her family to marry Will, after all — her parents don’t agree with her decision to marry so young and fast, so they told her never to call them again if she goes through with it. But hey, at least Jeff Fordham thinks Will isn’t gay anymore, right? Sigh.

So what else went down in “Your Wild Life’s Gonna Get You Down?”

Rayna’s professional and person troubles

Rayna’s single isn’t doing as well as she hoped, partly due to Jeff Fordham throwing all his support to go against her release with Will’s, and mainly due to Juliette’s premature announcement that Rayna signed her to Highway 65. The country music business isn’t quick to forgive a controversial artist, after all. Both Rayna and Juliette are nervous that they won’t be able to make back all the money they’ve been paying out of pocket for tour dates and their albums and promos. It doesn’t help matter when Jeff straight up talks smack to Rayna about how if she fails with Highway 65, then she’s really done — her career will be over, her money will be gone, she’ll lose her house, everything. There’s a lot riding on this.

Rayna’s home life isn’t much better. Although things with Luke are going great — they’re even planning on introducing their kids to each other — Maddie’s the angriest she’s ever been with Teddy. He grounded her from her music and won’t let her see Deacon or go to his concert, but Rayna doesn’t agree with his punishment since that was when she was planning on introducing Maddie to Luke’s son Colt. It’s the only chance they have to introduce their kids, so Rayna begs Teddy for a pass and he begrudgingly relents.

Backstage at the show, Maddie and Daphne meet Colt who is like the typical teen obsessed with social media, cool clothes and “sick beats,” not country music. Maddie and Daphne show him up with their own “sick beats” — clapping and snapping while singing — and he’s impressed. They even collaborate on a song together and upload it to his popular social media page, but Luke and Rayna make him take down the video because Rayna’s family has strict rules about social media.

Later at the show while complaining about embarrassing parents, Maddie tells Colt that Teddy isn’t even her real dad. She shows Colt her music video she uploaded titled “Maddie Claybourne” to prove it, and Colt shows Luke who finally understands why Deacon’s always involved in Rayna’s family drama. He gets angry at Rayna and Deacon for not telling him about Maddie, and Rayna convinces Maddie to take the video down to protect her. She explains that they’re not ashamed of her, but they don’t want her to have to deal with the press if they ever found out who her real dad is. Rayna smooths things over with Luke by telling him that Deacon has history with her but Luke is her present and future.

Love triangle on tour

In a shocking development, Scarlett agrees to open for Juliette on her tour, and since Avery is going to help her finish her album during the downtime, that means the most awkward love triangle ever is going out on tour together. Fun, right? Even though everyone knows Avery and Scarlett are done for good, they’re still good friends, and he tells her he won’t play with Juliette onstage until Scar’s album is finished. He’s committed to making her album the best it can be, which is sweet.

But of course Juliette doesn’t see it that way. She gets pissed when Avery misses her best set ever, so she yells at Scarlett for not having energy during her own sets. She tells Scar to have “sparkle” and “make noise.” Also: Juliette’s “squirrelly” impression of Scarlett was the greatest thing ever. More of this, please.

After getting yelled at, Scarlett takes more pills because that’s her go-to thing now, and heads out onstage. But instead of “making noise,” she goes out and proves she’s an artist who “whispers” by playing a beautiful, soulful, slow song, and as Juliette watches from the wings, she … smiles. After the show, Juliette tells Scarlett that her sensitivity, raw nerve and talent is “it” and what’s going to make her famous. Juliette tells Scarlett she has an idea on how to make the tour really click. But at the afterparty, Juliette gets the feeling that Scarlett is high because the way she was behaving reminded Juliette of her mother. But since Avery says that Scar would never do drugs, she drops the subject.

Teddy and lawyer chick are the worst

And in storylines that make us go, “Ugh,” Teddy and lawyer chick get caught by Deacon talking about their “mistake,” and he puts two and two together. He realizes that once again, Teddy screwed him over by stealing his girl, but instead of punching Teddy, he punches a wall. 

Is he going to start drinking, throw away his career and ruin his life again, all thanks to two of the worst people ever? They’re not worth it, Deacon!

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