nashville crazy recap 'Nashville' Season 2, episode 19 recap: Scarlett's toxic mom drives her 'Crazy' Thank goodness there’s a four-week break before we get a new episode of “Nashville,” because Wednesday’s (April 2) episode was a doozy. There were so many revelations, confrontations and emotions running high that it’s going to take four weeks to recover from the roller coaster that was “Crazy.” Let’s dig right in to the drama, y’all!

Even though Maddie took down the video she titled “Maddie Claybourne,” everyone knows the Internet is forever. Someone got hold of the video and it went viral. Even the ladies on “The View” made a cameo to discuss the murky waters of Maddie’s paternity, calling her Rayna and Deacon’s “love child.” When the paparazzi get vicious, Rayna gets worried when she can’t reach Deacon. She freaks out, thinking he might have started drinking again.

Knowing that Deacon would head to the lake house they were supposed to live in way back when, Rayna and Luke head there to find it trashed, with an empty liquor bottle on the ground. Assuming the worst, they barge in to find a sober Deacon — he says he poured out all the alcohol — but he thinks Rayna and “her bodyguard” came to talk about his breakup with Megan. He didn’t even know about the whole Maddie issue, and when Rayna asks him to participate in a press conference with her and Teddy, he refuses. He tells Rayna to ask Teddy why he can’t even be in the same room as him. After she confronts Teddy, they get into a big fight and Teddy says he won’t step aside as Maddie’s dad, especially to Deacon.

Meanwhile, things aren’t going so well for Juliette professionally, even after signing with Rayna’s label. Glenn tells Juliette that she needs to ask Charlie Wentworth for a favor to start supporting her music since he owns half the radio stations in the country, but she knows that might interfere with her relationship with Avery. But Avery surprises her and tells her that it’s actually a smart idea. She meets with Charlie in Chicago, and Charlie hits on her, kissing her passionately, but Juliette tells him she’s moved on and is in love with Avery. He agrees to help her anyway.

Later, Juliette confesses to Avery about her kiss with Charlie — but only says he “tried” to kiss her — and Avery tells her he expected that to happen. He doesn’t even get mad or jealous, and it’s obvious that Juliette’s impressed with his level of trust. But when Charlie shows up at her show later, provoking Avery with comments about being nostalgic for being backstage at a Juliette show, Avery tells him to get over Juliette.

Back in Nashville, Gunnar gets his first royalty check for $400,000 and goes a little money crazy. After a few insane ideas of how to spend his cash, he decides to celebrate by funding Zoey’s professional singing demo. He also gets a call from someone offering a gig for his band with Zoey and Avery, but since they broke up the guy wasn’t interested in just Gunnar solo. He seems more than a little bummed, but hides it from Zoey, who’s having the time of her life recording in a real studio.

Zoey’s demo impresses her agent so much that she tells her to move out to L.A., where all backup singers are cast for any genre of music. Zoey considers heading out there for a few weeks to see what auditions she can land, but Gunnar wants Zoey to give Nashville another shot first. He even offers to use his check to help her get on her feet until she makes it. But Zoey tells him she doesn’t want a “sugar daddy” and to spend his money on his own dreams. Do those dreams include a house? Because Gunnar seemed to take notice of a certain “For Sale” sign driving by …

Rayna and Teddy decide to just steer into the skid and go on “Good Morning America” together to tell the truth about Maddie’s paternity. Of course, they don’t expect Deacon to show up, but he does, and he’s surprisingly mature about it. They reveal that Maddie is Deacon’s daughter but he’s an alcoholic, so Teddy raised Maddie as his own. Deacon even praises Rayna and Teddy’s parenting of Maddie through the years. But after the special ends, Deacon storms off and Luke notices Rayna’s distress over it. Luke leaves and punches the car seat.

Rayna heads to the lake house to see if Deacon’s okay after the show, and he finally confronts her about how she should have told him about Maddie long ago. He thinks that knowing about Maddie could have pushed him to stop drinking sooner. But Rayna tells him that there was no good time to tell him, and even when he did find out he just got drunk and almost killed her in the car crash. It’s tough hearing them hash all this out yet again, because their love for each other is clear, but there is just so much standing in their way of being happy together. Could Deacon and Rayna ever really work, or are they doomed to repeat the same cycle over and over and over again?

And then here’s where “Crazy” gets actually crazy. The big moment of the hour: Scarlett’s mom shows up to her show in Chicago. This is the woman Scarlett wrote the hauntingly beautiful ballad “Black Roses” about, and to say their relationship is toxic is putting it lightly. Their complicated relationship spans all of Scarlett’s life, but her mom always acts loving in public, so no one besides Avery really understands why Scarlett is so upset.

Seeing Scarlett and her mother together, it becomes clear why Scarlett is the way she is — anything small sets off her mom in the nastiest way, like finding out via the news reports that Deacon and Scarlett didn’t tell her she had a niece. She freaks out on Scarlett, hurling insults and grabbing Scarlett’s wrists, and she becomes a completely different person minutes later, charming everyone onstage during Scarlett’s sound check. Seeing her mother taking over her stage sets off Scarlett, and she sings the most killer version of “Black Roses,” dedicating it to her mom and just singing the crap out of it. But instead of making her mom realize how she feels, it just sets her off even more and she attacks Scarlett backstage.

Shaken up by her mom’s attack, Scarlett asks Juliette if she can take the night off, but Juliette tells her she needs to figure out a way to fight through her demons and go onstage anyway. So she heads back to her dressing room, drinks a ton and staggers her way to the stage. Avery notices that she’s completely wasted and tries to stop her from going onstage, but she slips through his grasp when Juliette gets angry that Avery was trying to protect Scarlett from Charlie. She yells at him for not allowing Charlie to even speak to Scarlett and yet not get mad about Charlie kissing Juliette, and Avery gets upset that Juliette lied about the kiss.

During that distraction, Scarlett slips onstage before Avery can stop her and ends up having a complete mental breakdown onstage … caught on everyone’s phone cameras. This is clearly way more than a drunk mistake, or too many pills. This is a severely debilitating psychological problem that’s been manifesting throughout Scarlett’s entire life, one that she’s never opened up about before until Liam stole her diary and made her write “Black Roses.” Will this incident make Scarlett realize she needs help and seek out therapy, or is this something even worse? Has Scarlett just completely shattered under the tour pressure, pills and her mother’s abuse?

What did you think of Scarlett’s breakdown, Juliette’s lie to Avery, Rayna and Deacon’s argument and the rest of “Crazy?”
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