nashville season 2 premiere 'Nashville' Season 2 premiere: The outcome of Rayna and Deacon's car crash revealed, a love triangle renewed, and a possible murder?

“Nashville’s” back, y’all! How did our favorite southern singers, lovers, and schemers fare in the Season 2 premiere? It’s been such a long summer waiting to see the outcome of the Season 1 finale, so without any further ado, let’s dig right in, shall we?

Obviously, SPOILERS AHEAD if you have yet to watch “I Fall to Pieces.”

Rayna and Deacon’s car crash aftermath

The season premiere picked up right where we left off, namely with a mangled piece of metal and glass that used to be a car with Rayna and Deacon trapped inside. Deacon’s hand was badly injured, but all he cared about was getting Rayna to safety. Hearing him call her “baby” over and over while trying to wake her up is heartbreaking — these two truly love each other deeply but so much crap keeps on getting in the way of their happy ending. And now with Rayna in a medically-induced coma? Yeah, things aren’t looking good for these two. 

After spending weeks in a coma, Rayna finally pulled through with minimal damage. She recognized her family, can breathe on her own, and pretty soon she was taking in the sunshine and the views outside the hospital. Rayna Jaymes is on her way to a full recovery, y’all! 

Thank goodness she woke up, because the first thing she did was confirm that Deacon wasn’t completely at fault for the crash. You see, he was so miserable and felt so guilty about the accident that he told everyone he was the one driving the car, not Rayna. Therefore, he was stuck in jail, facing a possible murder charge had she not woken up. But now he’s free to go, and will have to deal with his guilt outside of jail. And that injured hand? It’s not looking like it will have the same rate of recovery as Rayna. Is Deacon’s career over?

Juliette knows the truth

Rayna’s eldest daughter Maddie was struggling with the knowledge that Deacon is her real father, and feeling guilty thinking she caused Deacon to fall off the wagon (she’s basically right in thinking that, as crappy as that is to say …), so she turned to Juliette for support. 

Wait, Juliette as a supportive, helpful person? That doesn’t sound right. How on earth did they form that connection?

It turns out Juliette’s new album was set to drop right after Rayna’s accident. Of course, Rayna’s condition only made her greatest hits album sell more, and Juliette was nervous she wouldn’t go No. 1 against “Saint Rayna in a coma.” She decided to spin Rayna’s condition into something that would benefit her (of course), and turned her album release concert into a tribute to Rayna. After the concert, she made a public appearance at the hospital, where Maddie confided in her the real reason Deacon fell off the wagon … a.k.a. Juliette now knows Rayna’s biggest secret. This isn’t going to end well.

Oh yeah, and Juliette’s been “interviewing” new assistants. And by “interviewing,” we mean hooking up with. She is clearly not looking for love right now.

A renewed love triangle 

In one of the biggest shockers of the premiere, we find out early on that Scarlett did not accept Gunnar’s proposal. In the weeks since she rejected the ring, the two broke up, she moved out — and is sleeping on her childhood friend Zoey’s couch — and the once-happy couple haven’t spoken. 

Gunnar isn’t doing well post-break-up, and Will keeps on trying to get him to hook up with other girls to mask his pain (you know, like how in-the-closet Will keeps on hooking up with girls despite the fact that he’s 100% gay). After burning Scarlett’s couch, Gunnar realized he’s not over her, and headed to her party at the Bluebird celebrating her last shift ever now that she’s on Rayna’s label. 

Another ex of Scarlett’s was also at her party: Avery. Now that Gunnar and Scarlett have broken up, these two have gotten closer once again — though still just as friends. It’s interesting to see how their love triangle has been renewed again, though everyone is now on equal footing. Will Scarlett get back together with one, string both along for as long as possible, or dump them both for someone new?

Peggy’s a dirty liar

In the least-liked story line of the series, crazy Peggy is still crazy. She may have been preggers with Teddy’s baby in the Season 1 finale, but she miscarried at some point in the few weeks since. Instead of telling Teddy like a normal person would, she lied and told him she heard the baby’s heartbeat. Clearly, she’s still hoping to make a family with Teddy, even though he’s made it absolutely clear he has no interest. Ugh. Crazy Peggy.

Murder? Seriously?

We don’t call this show soapy for nothing. In the obligatory “holy-what-did-they-just-say” moment of the hour, one of the guys who has been badgering Tandy to go against her father and Teddy in court “revealed” that her mother’s car accident back when she and Rayna were just little girls was not an accident. We know that Lamar found out about her affair with Watty White just before her accident, so did Lamar actually murder her? 

Ah, “Nashville,” it’s good to have you back. What did you think of the Season 2 premiere? Let us know in the comments below.

Posted by:Sydney Bucksbaum