nashville who dies 'Nashville' spoilers: Who dies in 'Tomorrow Never Comes?'

When we first heard there was a big death coming on “Nashville,” we weren’t too impressed. We assumed it was going to be some peripheral character that no one really cared about or didn’t affect the story in any big way.

We. Were. Wrong.

After watching the fall finale, “Tomorrow Never Comes,” early, our jaws were left on the ground. “Nashville” is really going there, y’all. We’re impressed, we’re shocked, we’re horrified, and we can’t wait to see how all the characters attempt to pick up the pieces when “Nashville” returns in early 2014.

To tide you over until you get a chance to watch the game-changing episode, here are 10 teases about the big death and everything else that goes down in “Tomorrow Never Comes” , which airs at 10 p.m. ET Wednesday (Dec. 11):

10. There will actually be not one, but two lives hanging in the balance by the end of the episode.

9. Both of those lives will be put in danger in the last act, so keep watching until the very end.

8. One will be quite obvious when it’s coming (and it’s rather soap-opera-y in its execution), but the other will take you by complete and utter surprise.

7. Both characters are major characters. One, we will be extremely heartbroken over if he or she does in fact die, due to the circumstances surrounding the death and the way it happens. The other we will be shocked about, because we can’t believe the show would actually go there with this character, but none too heartbroken about.

6. It’s time for the Music City Music Festival, and it affects all our favorite characters.

5. Though Teddy took Deacon’s name off of the roster of performers, Deacon’s not giving up on his first solo performance.

4. Scarlett deals with Gunnar and Zoey in the exact way you’d expect her to: like a child.

3. Juliette comes to a realization about her romantic life, and it changes more than a few lives around her drastically.

2. Rayna comes to a realization about her professional life, and it changes more than a few lives around her drastically.

1. Will comes to a realization about his romantic and professional life, and it changes more than a few lives around him drastically.

So, place your bets: Whose lives are in the balance on “Nashville”?

Posted by:Sydney Bucksbaum