nashville where he leads me for his glory hayden panettiere abc 'Nashville': Three new songs from 'Where He Leads Me' are available

You don’t actually have to wait until “Nashville” airs its next episode before listening to some of the show’s music. Instead, you can download three of the new songs from this week’s “Where He Leads Me” from iTunes or from the ABC Music Lounge.

The three song tracks available are “When the Right One Comes Along,” written by Georgia Middleman, Sarah Zimmerman and Justin Davis, performed by Sam Palladio (as Gunnar Scott); “For Your Glory,” written by Kate York, Leeland Mooring and Jack Mooring, performed by Hayden Panettiere (as Juliette Barnes); and “Peace in the Valley,” written by Gillian Welch and performed by Jonathan Jackson (as Avery).

If you want a quick review of these particular songs: They’re good. “When the Right One Comes Along” is especially beautiful, although the half-heard version in the actual episode — Scarlett (Clare Bowen) sings along in that one.

Further stories about two of these songs — “When the Right One Comes Along” and “For Your Glory,” will also be featured on the “Nashville”-related web series, “On the Record.” You can watch acoustic performances of the songs there, as well as interviews with the songwriters and producers of “Nashville.”

“Where He Leads Me” airs on Wednesday, Dec. 5 at 10pm on ABC.

Posted by:Laurel Brown