nashville jonathan jackson record deal 'Nashville's' Jonathan Jackson signs a record deal: Will he screw it up like Avery?

He’s been rocking out onscreen on “Nashville,” but he’s about to take the music business by storm in real life: Jonathan Jackson just signed a record deal.

Jackson, who plays rocker Avery Barkley on the ABC southern soap, landed a record deal with Loud & Proud Records, Billboard reports.

This isn’t the first time Jackson has achieved musical success outside of “Nashville,” though. Along with his brother Richard (drums) and bassist Daniel Sweatt, Jackson has been the front for rock band Enation since 2002. Since Avery couldn’t cooperate with his band on the show — he threw them under the bus as soon as he got a solo record deal — we’re a little nervous for Jackson. Will he screw up his new deal like Avery did? In Season 1, he burnt all of his master tracks when he didn’t agree with his agent.

Jackson isn’t Avery, though, and the fact that he’s been able to stay with his band while acting on a successful hit TV series says a lot. He’s even pretty humble and laid back when it comes to landing his record deal. “The last however many years of my life, I’ve started to get to the place of not having expectations about how things are supposed to turn out and really just try to live day to day,” Jackson says.

We’re confident he won’t screw things up like Avery did. Are you excited to hear Jackson’s real-life jams in addition to his onscreen songs?

Posted by:Sydney Bucksbaum