It isn’t uncommon when a person returns home for the holidays for a little bit of their childhood self to come out. “Nashville” star Laura Benanti explores that concept in a hilarious video called “Santa Baby: A Short Holiday Film.” 

In the film, Benanti and her real parents, Linda and Sal, depict what can happen when an adult comes back to the nest. Things start off normal enough when Laura comes home, but everything changes when she notices her childhood stuffed animal, Spot, is missing from her bed and has been put away in storage. 
Spot’s retrieval from the crawl space instantly makes Laura resort back to her former child and teenage self. Some of the highlights of the improv film include the actress’ teenage bedroom dance party and Laura snuggling in between her parents in bed while Sal reads her a Christmas story — bonus points for the adorable red onesie and nightcap.
“Nashville” returns to ABC on Feb. 4.
Posted by:Sarah Huggins