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For April Fools’ Day this year, the “Today” cast and crew orchestrated a backstage prank that involved magician Rich Ferguson disguising himself as a chair and startling the people who sat down on him. Host Natalie Morales got a pretty good scare (video above).

Ferguson also led a segment on the show where he talked about what makes a good (and a not-so-good) prank.

“A good prank is definitely something that’s creative. Leaves people wanting to do it to someone else, versus wanting to sue you,” says Ferguson. “It shouldn’t be shoving someone down the stairs, it shouldn’t be assaulting someone, it shouldn’t be destructing someone’s property.”

He goes on to demonstrate a few pranks, which include a fake spider on the toilet paper roll, tying knots in drinking straws and a rather clever photocopier prank involving a paper clip that is probably asking for something like this to happen.

Did you pull any good pranks on April Fools’ Day?

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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