natalie portman husband benjamin millepied gi Natalie Portman's husband Benjamin Millepied directs music video, and it's weird

Question: What do you get when you combine “Thriller, ” dubstep, and the zombie apocalypse? Answer: Benjamin Millepied‘s music video directorial debut.
The dance choreographer made famous by “Black Swan” — and, let’s be honest, by knocking up Natalie Portman — directed a video for “Demons” by Zeds Dead, as part of a collaboration between Belvedere vodka and Noisey. The Music Video Project is pairing up “non-traditional” music video directors and artists willing to have a vodka ad slapped on the end of their video.
“The collaborative process here is interesting because you pick a song that you like, you have ideas, and then you put them on paper,” says Millepied. “You also have a band who has a specific image, and then you add the film coloring and special effects. I think everybody brought something special to the video.”
The special concept behind the video seems to be a zombie dance-off, in which a young man is able to escape demon possession by exhibiting the best moves. It’s worth watching if you enjoy balletic breakdancing, Canadian dubstep, puddle jumping, or zombie makeup.
See for yourself:

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