natalie wood getty Natalie Wood's sister discusses the reopened investigation on CNNAs the Los Angeles Police Department reopens their investigation in to the 1981 drowning of Natalie Wood, her sister Lana Wood is now speaking up.

Wood spoke to Piers Morgan on his CNN program Friday (Nov. 18) to discuss her thoughts on the LAPD activities. It is here she talks about her conversations with Dennis Davern, the captain of the boat Natalie Wood was on when she drowned.

“He’s [Davern] been trying to say something for quite a number of years,” she says. “He used to call me quite frequently, about 10 years after Natalie passed, and tell me bits and pieces in a very agitated manner — very upset, crying — that there was more to it than he said, and how guilty he felt.”

She continues, “I know that the Sheriff’s department, the homicide division, is taking this all very seriously. I think what’s important is not what I think happened or someone else thinks happened, I think it’s important to get to the bottom of what actually did happen. And I think that’s what they should be allowed to do.”

Natalie Wood’s death was officially ruled an accident in 1981, but speculation continues about what exactly happened the night she died. Earlier in the day, Davern blamed Wood’s husband, actor Robert Wagner. But the LAPD has said he’s not a suspect.

Here’s the video…

Posted by:David Eckstein