nathan fillion castle Nathan Fillion, Kevin Williamson, Aziz Ansari: TV Tweets of the past 24 hoursThe wild, weird and insane television tweets of the past 24 hours…

Every now and then, something sorta newsworthy might slip in here
too… not often though)

“Castle” star Tamala Jones got a glimpse of Nathan Fillion‘s tattoo, and it seems like it was quite the religious experience: @tamalajones: OMG…. Nathan showed me his tattoo on his thigh
and I almost lost all composure…. Ladies don’t me Great
tattoo though!

@tamalajones: @nathanfillion
has a tattoo on his upper outside thigh , its
tribal writing & then my favorite part is a pic of a moon god..

@tamalajones: He has other pics next 2 the moon god but
wwoooooooo oooo weeeeeeee . When he was unbuttoning his Pants I got hot
and turned red

@tamalajones: He was careful to
only give me a glimpse of the tattoo but…. Hot diggidy darn that man
is beautiful & I have 2 behave myself as a lady

Does Tamala know that Nathan is also on Twitter?: @NathanFillion:
I just showed @tamalajones my tattoo and she
got all over-heated.

Now that Ricky Martin is officially out of the closet, TV’s Kevin Williamson has an important question:
@kevwilliamson: Is Ricky single?

We like former “O.C.” actress Autumn Reeser even more now that we know she recognizes the brilliance that is “So You Think You Can Dance” too: @autumnreeser: Sabra! Hok! RT @dizzyfeet: We’re forming a ‘dance-pool’ of yr fave dancers
from previous Seasons to act as partners for this year’s top 10

“Parks and Recreations”‘s Aziz Ansari is confused… and by confused, we mean “a comic genius”: RT @azizansari: Where is this new nightclub Seder? Sounds like
everyone is there tonight!

“Community” creator Dan Harmon issues “Bones” creator Hart Hanson a challenge. Frankly, we’re going to pretend we never heard any of this: @danharmon:

I am wearing my pajamas to the
edit bay. Top that,

@HartHanson: @danharmon To top that I would have to go buy pajamas because
I like to sleep and edit naked. Which is why I’m always alone editing.

Is there a killer TV tweet from today that we missed?

us in the comments section (por favor).

No good
tweet shall go unnoticed…

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