nathan fillion castle 320 Nathan Fillion, Rainn Wilson, Diablo Cody and Star Jones: Top TV Tweets of the past 24 hoursThe wild, weird and crazy television tweets of the past 24 hours…

(Note: Every now and then, something sorta newsworthy might slip in here too… not often though)

Coco Watch ’10: @ConanOBrien:This is how many people it took to write today’s tweet: “Jumbo” shrimp? WTF!!

William Shatner is keeping up with Coco as well: @WilliamShatner:
My old friend @conanobrien is without a job so I’m glad to see he’s amusing himself on Twitter. My best, Bill

Star Jones realizing there’s an upside to getting fired from “The View,” having her cable show fail and finally being out of the public spotlight: @StarJonesEsq: I tried all my murder
cases from 1988-1992…so all the dudes who got 20 years plus are up
for parole soon. Thank God I look different now.

Is there a killer TV tweet from today that we missed?

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