This has been out on the interwebs for several weeks, but somehow we missed it. Boy, are we glad we found it. “Castle” star Nathan Fillion made a public service announcement about “swamp a**.”

Clad in a Nerd Machine t-shirt, Fillion says, “Prolonged gaming sessions can create a humid, bayou-style climate in the back of your pants, leading to irritation, foul body odor and a loss of hand-eye coordination. In extreme cases, grundle staining. Applying powders, balms or wet naps while playing only masks the problem.”

“So, if your taint’s moist and your upper crack is dripping down your backside, do something about it. Put the controller down, stand up, take a walk outside. And use your mother’s hairdryer in between raids. I do.”

Could we love Nathan Fillion any more? We could not. Look for more Fillion goodies later Sunday (July 24) from Comic-Con, as Zap2it‘s own Mikey O’Connell is covering the “Castle” panel.

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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