Haggis chips.jpgIt’s National Potato Chip Day here in America and it’s time to celebrate. You can break out a bag of sour cream and onion flavor, cheddar and beer flavor or just good old chip-flavored chips. These little ovals of fried potato goodness are a national staple. In fact, they’re popular worldwide.

Sometimes, however, international flavors of choice don’t exactly translate. We found some crazy potato chip flavors like haggis and mint that will turn your stomach. Well, they turn ours at least. We’re sure we Americans eat things that other countries would get ill just thinking about. After all, we do have spray cheese in a can.

Check out these flavors and head over to izismile.com for a bunch of other ones, including cajun squirrel, duck and hoison, hot chili squid and sausage and tomato flavor chips. We’re going to pretend we didn’t see the haggis-flavored ones.

mint mischief chips.jpg

Tuna salad chips.jpg
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