national surprise drug test day National Surprise Drug Test Day is April 21    uh ohStoners celebrating 4/20, put down your Cheetos and listen up! April 21 is National Surprise Drug Test Day, according to Twitter. Sorry to harsh your mellow, man, but social media is all abuzz.

Twitter is exploding with tweets like, “4/20 – National Get High Day, 4/21 – National Surprise Drug Test Day & 4/22 – National Unemployed Day,” one person tweeted. “Soo How Many Ppl Can Clean They System Out Before 4/21 *National Surprise Drug Test Day* lOl ?????”

Many people pointed out that it’s a Saturday and others metioned that it wouldn’t exactly be a good idea, considering the economy. “Nah…already to much unemployment!!! The Feds wont allow that! Lol!! National Surprise Drug Test Day“. One poor person says, “Y’all joking about this 4/21 being national surprise drug test day…. But I really have a drug test tomorrow”

National Surprise Drug Test Day probably isn’t a real thing, but there were five tweets from people offering to sell their urine in ten minutes. So, um, you have options. And now back to those Cheetos. You never actually put them down, did you?

Posted by:jbusch