nazi salute photo Nazi salute photo and anti Semitic tweets get Maine high school girls punished

Just like racism, anti-Semitism isn’t dead. A Nazi salute photo taken by three Greely High School girls on the Maine school’s basketball team has gone viral, and gotten the students in a bit of trouble.

It’s not just the picture, though. One of the girls in the picture is affectionately known as “Hitler” by their basketball team, WLBZ reports, and the students involved also tweeted anti-Semitic statements over the holidays. “So Jewish to have prac on Christmas Eve day,” one said. Another was, “If —- picked me up, she would’ve made me do sprints, then put me in a gas chamber.”

These actions came to light through an anonymous letter that was given to school officials. Greely High School Principal Dan McKeone tells WLBZ that he doesn’t think the three students “intended any hate or bias” in their actions, and claims that they have been disciplined.

“These were kids that made a mistake, and they learned from it, and they’re moving forward,” he said.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz