Sure, the Oscars were Sunday night (Feb. 26) – but so was the NBA All-Star Game, the annual match-up of West vs. East division players. And it was not without incident.

With 8:48 to go in the third quarter, Laker Kobe Bryant drove to the basket for the West and took a hard foul from Miami’s Dwyane Wade – which resulted in a nasal fracture, according to the NBA’s official Kobe injury update. Kobe will be reevaluated by an ear/nose/throat specialist when he returns to Los Angeles.

At the time, Kobe mopped up the blood and resumed the game, so he was there at the end to taunt East player LeBron James after James passed up the chance to shoot for the win in the closing seconds of the game.

Reports say Kobe got in LeBron’s face with stuff like, “C’mon man! You’re supposed to be the best! You have to want that shot! How are you going to pass in that situation?”

And LeBron seemed to just kind of take it.

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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