We’re hearing that the next two weeks are crucial for NBC’s Journeyman. While nothing official has been decided, the rumor is that if the Nielsen numbers don’t rise for the Nov. 19 and 26 episodes, the network will yank the show, without airing all the episodes produced.

The network is only interested in the live Nielsens, not DVR viewers or downloads, says a show staffer. This is a problem for the show, because the majority of emails the show gets is from fans who watch online. Since ads touting the ability to watch Journeyman for free online are common, that’s hardly surprising.

The show staff is hoping for the best, according to our source. "I feel like we take the fan community very seriously. [For example], when Langley appeared on the show, he got a huge response as someone who could give answers, not more questions. We went back and added more of him. We’ve been loyal to our fanbase."

Now it’s time to see if the fanbase will be loyal to the show. Want to help? Check out the Fans of Journeyman Facebook group. Of course, the only way to truly save the show is to watch tonight and next week, and make sure everyone else you know tunes in too.

Posted by:Sarah Jersild