nbc brian williams brooklyn taxis NBC newsman Brian Williams takes his shots at Brooklyn hipsters on the road

NBC News anchor Brian Williams is still taking shots at Brooklyn after his hilarious rant about the New York Times’ “discovery of Brooklyn” last year.
Now, he’s taking his act on the road in a new tourist video running in New York cabs. It starts traditionally enough with the newsman pointing out the Staten Island Ferry and then the wink begins when he names Brooklyn the best destination for people watching – like it’s some kind of wild animal park.
“If you want to blend in a little more thoroughly,” he says. “Get yourself a nice thick ironic glass frame. Go to one of those Marrakesh-like outdoor artisanal markets. Brooklyn’s a festival this time of year. They’re openly making handmade grilled cheese sandwiches, all kinds of leather goods, tin, silver, it’s like a walk back in time!”
Watch the video below:

The thing is as former Manhattanites who had friends in Brooklyn, we understand what he’s talking about. And by the way, don’t let the Brooklyn hipsters fool you – the subway commute to and from Manhattan is that bad.
Posted by:Jethro Nededog