guys-with-kids-nbc.jpgHey, “What to Expect When You’re Expecting” fans, NBC on Wednesday (May 9) picked up the Jimmy Fallon-produced “Guys with Kids” — a comedy about a group of 30-something dads who don’t think they’re mature enough to raise children, despite the fact that they already have them.

Apparently ignoring W.C. Fields’ advice to “never work with animals or children,” the cast includes Anthony Anderson, Jesse Bradford and “Cosby Show” alumna Tempestt Bledsoe. The working title for the show, notes IMDB, was the snappy “DILFs.” But maybe NBC is saving the “ILF” for a real-life “MILF Island.” (See “30 Rock”).

Unlike the four single-camera comedies already ordered by NBC, “Dads with Kids” will be a multi-camera sitcom — all the better to capture the awkward baby-inspired hilarity, no doubt.

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson