fear factor NBC pulls 'Fear Factor' episode that forced contestants to drink donkey semenIf you ever wondered where the line was between disgusting and too much was, “Fear Factor” might’ve found it. While NBC has been okay with the rebooted reality show forcing fame-seekers to retrieve animal hearts from the bottom of a giant pool of blood, it has axed an episode where contestants were forced to drink donkey semen and urine as part of a challenge.

According to TMZ, the offending segment was shot last summer, and NBC execs had been debating over whether to air it ever since. While they initially gave the thumbs up, after the site leaked the dirty details of the challenge, they had second thoughts.
The competitors had to drink full glasses of both donkey semen and donkey urine in order to make it to the next round. The worst part of the whole thing? The contestants actually did it, and  it now won’t even be seen by the public at large. TMZ reports that the episode, called “Hee Haw! Hee Haw!” was listed on the NBC site until recently, and now the site shows that a repeat of a previous episode will air in the series’ time slot tonight.
We’re certainly thankful that we won’t have to be subjected to this disgusting episode. Man, forcing people to eat crickets or lick tarantulas or whatever other dumb stuff used to happen on that show seems almost quaint in comparison to the new stunts.
Posted by:Jean Bentley