alec baldwin nbc late night talk show last call gi NBC reportedly talking to Alec Baldwin about hosting a late night talk show

Now that “30 Rock” has come to an end, is it time for Alec Baldwin to head to late-night TV? Reports from NBC indicate that the network wants to bring the actor in as a late-night host in the near future.

The report comes from the New York Times, citing an unnamed NBC executive as the source of the information. Assuming this information is accurate, the anonymity is due to the early stages of the talks between Baldwin and the network.

If Baldwin were to join the late-night ranks, his most likely spot would be in place of Carson Daly and “Last Call.” Since Daly is currently hosting “The Voice” in prime time, there are many indications that a change could be coming.

Although a frequent guest on late-night shows, Baldwin has been more prominent in prime time over the past several years. His role of Jack Donaghy on “30 Rock” earned the actor two Emmy awards for Best Actor in a Comedy. Prior to that, Baldwin had a lengthy film career.

Bringing in Baldwin as a new host means that all of NBC’s late-night offerings would have new hosts in the next year. Jimmy Fallon is set to take “The Tonight Show,” while his current program, “Late Night,” is up for grabs (with “Saturday Night Live” actor Seth Meyers as the presumed front-runner).

Posted by:Laurel Brown