Hp_rm_290 So we already know that Rachel Melvin will be joining the cast of "Heroes" next season as Claire's (Hayden Panettiere) college roommate. We also know that the show is describing their relationship as one where they will "share sleeping quarters (and maybe more)."

Call us naive, but we took this to mean that Clarie's roommate probably has powers of her own because, well, that's what the show is about.

However, some others have taken this to suggest that Claire may be embarking down the road of a little same sex experimentation during her freshman year.

While "Heroes" has been known to do some predictable things to try and bring it back to its Season One glory, this really sounds desperate to us. Honestly, other than that one chaste Sweeps kiss does anyone care enough about two former soap actresses flirting with each other to set a season pass?

And, to be quite frank, we've seen "Californication." If Claire was going to be switching teams, we're pretty sure her other recently cast roommate (Madeleine Zima) would be the temptress.

What do you think? What does NBC mean by "maybe more"?

What will Claire and her new roommate share on "Heroes"?(surveys)


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Posted by:Brill Bundy