Heard of the failcock? No? Well it seems web designers are now jumping on the NBC-bashing bandwagon.

Media savvy web designer Mitch Canter posted a twitpic of a not too flattering NBC logo he had created.

Seen below, it’s a hybrid of the NBC peacock logo and the Twitter “fail whale” image that appears when Twitter is over capacity. The original fail whale image — a flock of Twitter birds attempting to haul a whale — was designed by Yiying Lu and has become a pop culture icon, generally representing unsuccessful or struggling projects.

nbc logo failwhale peacock NBC's peacock logo goes Fail Whale: Meet the failcock
“I just finished designing NBC’s new logo. I call it the #failcock #conan #nbcfail,” Canter, a concierge web designer who advertises he’s available for freelance work on his website, tweeted on Jan. 20. Canter has been a vocal Team Conan supporter during the whole late night “Tonight Show” fiasco on his Twitter feed and a critic of NBC’s bad programming/employment choices.

A couple days later, Internet news blog Mashable posted the image, assuring that it would go viral.

What do you think? Does NBC deserve this treatment?

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Posted by:Hanh Nguyen